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Idea: My dating app idea is like tinder but matching people by pop culture references and love languages.
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Idea: Million dollar idea: Make an app that explains the steps for registering for university each year concerning IG students since there's obviously no protocol and they're clearly targeted for being a minority.
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Idea: An idea: dating app linked to your iTunes/Spotify/Soundcloud that will match you with people who listen to the same music as you.
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Idea: There should be a TO-DO list app that when updated will automatically make your TO-DO list your screensaver.
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Idea: App idea: if I want to find a certain brand in a certain city it shows all the stores that stock said brand. Inspired by: the unpleasantness of shopping in Brussels.
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Idea: App idea: an app that allows me to highlight, annotate, leave comments on an article and share it with a friend. It would be great to be able to read what someone has to say/critique without having to toggle between platforms.
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Idea: App idea: like tinder. But for DOGGIE PLAY DATES. You put the size of your dog, his/her friendliness and all this jazz and you get matched with other doggos to play with.
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Idea: Million dollar app idea, an app that takes movie show times and calculates the time the actual movie begins so you can arrive after the ads.
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Idea: App idea: add expiry date for contacts. I want to know the caller in the next 2 weeks but after 6 months my contact list is filled with "Jill AirBnb" and "Rodrigo Apartment 52m2 nice balcony".
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Idea: Million dollar app idea. Shazam, but for that weird sound your car is making.
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Idea: OK programmers... Million dollar idea I'm giving away. Just let me in on the alpha testing. Make an app that lets you accept a call or send them to a "you must pay x per minute" route. We should be able to charge scammers for wasting our time!
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Idea: Free app idea: a CTA tracker that lets you track multiple bus lines on one screen.
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