An app that shows a blank map which only fills with streets and buildings if you've actually been there.

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Could tie into google's location data via their API. Would be pretty cool.
Sort of like "Fog of War" used in video games but for the real world.
There already is a similar app: fogofworld.com
I would vote for this 100 times
This would be super cool. Please someone make this.
This is a great idea.
Would be cool even if it is not really useful.
Cool. Only if you're Google. There's no API for this.
I think facebook has this feature already
Good idea and maybe there is some achievements to accomplish like going in 7 popular locations
With the Google map path!
That's interesting idea and some apps could add this function to make application more fun and social even though can't be an independent app.
there is an App named ' fog of world', you can try it
have a look at the gyroscope (places feature) to have a better idea of what it will look like.
It's cool
Huge idea! Would download 10/10
My friend actually had this idea a couple years ago. It's an idea that I would still love to explore!
Already exists: fogofworld.com There should be a close button for an idea that already is out there.
What's the intercept? You answer what problem?
If a similar idea already exists, perhaps modifications should be made to differentiate, but not eliminate.
An app every month. Where can I see the ones already done? Thanks
"マッピング!" (Allmytracks) which is an Android app have already realized this idea.
Why? What would be the point of this?
great idea