New app idea: Tinder for sperm donors ....it might just be crazy enough to work.

Tweet by Andrea Ramirez (@AndreaDana_)
This sounds crazy but is actually an amazing idea
Chaos. World has gone blindly astray!
I'd be down for this. Jus sayin. How would it work? Do I get to physically have sex with the guy or what?
Ah ah !!! Joyeux queutard...
Isn't that what tinder already is?
it sure is a crazy idea. it might work and help somebody to make a kid!
je penses que ce sera une bonne idée
je penses que ce sera une bonne idée
At first I thought this sounded crazy, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. With most sperm donor centers, they don't even let you see a pic of the donor, much less chat/meet with them, etc. An app that allows this would be game changing.
It's a little weird
Like the idea but what about the legalities, how will the donor be absolved from paying support? Would the app be the bridge between the donor,match and clinic to handle the last leg of the transaction?